Rebuilding in the Midwest and South, Our National Responsibility

Earlier today, Vice President Joe Biden visited Berkeley, Missouri – a St. Louis suburb harshly damaged by a recent wave of tornadoes that swept through the area. The Vice President’s visit came on the heels of Missouri's disaster statement – a step that will speed up federal assistance to the region as a result of severe storms, tornadoes and flooding.
Joined by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon and Berkeley Mayor Kyra Watson, Vice President Biden took a walking tour of one of the hardest-hit neighborhoods, talking with local homeowners unnatural by the storms and pledging to help get “roofs back over their heads” as soon as possible. “We know people’s lives are disrupted … it’s all about giving people a shot to repair or relocate,” the Vice President said. “We get it, we understand it, and we’re on top of it.”

From Missouri to Alabama, rebuilding the homes, towns and cities overwhelmed by tornadoes and floods and helping communities recover across the Midwest and the South is a “national responsibility,” said Vice President Biden.