Calhoun to Obama in White House ceremony: 'Yes, we did'

President Barack Obama saluted the University of Connecticut men's basketball team at the White House on Monday for winning the national championship and joshed that he had made a "big mistake" by worsening to pick them to win.

"I have to be honest -- this is a bittersweet day for me," Obama said. "On the one hand, I get to congratulate a great team and a great coach on winning the national championship. On the other hand, I'm reminded once again that my bracket was a bust. I did not pick UConn to win it all. That was a big error."

Obama continued: "Next time you guys make a decision to reel off 11 straight wins, please let me know ahead of time," referring to the Huskies amazing season closing.

UConn's streak was "a surprise to everybody but themselves and the coach," the president said. "These guys knew they had something special."

Obama cited Coach Jim Calhoun and players Shabazz Napier, Jeremy Lamb and Kemba Walker.

Walker "will go down in history as one of the greatest ever to wear the Huskies uniform," Obama said. "And a player who always lived by his dad's advice: `It's not the size of the person, it's the size of the heart."

When his turn at the mike came, Calhoun joked that Walker required a "one-on-one game" with Obama.

"I'm ready," Obama replied. "As long as he's wearing street shoes and a suit."