Our Heroes Are All just about Us

In the present day the President awarded the Medal of Honor to Sergeant First Class Leroy Petry. Sergeant Petry is the second living Medal of Honor recipient to have earned the award for overhaul during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was an unbelievable event.

Sergeant Petry, an Army Ranger, was honored for his actions during a operation to Afghanistan in 2008. While on a high-risk daytime mission, Petry and two of his comrades were offended by enemy fire. Despite his wounds, Petry continued to lead his soldiers, dragging one who had been injured to cover. When an enemy grenade landed near him and his comrades, Sergeant Petry moved toward the grenade and picked it up to throw it back – saving the lives of his fellow Rangers. As he cocked his arm to lob the live grenade away, it exploded. Petry lost his hand, but did not give up the fight. He tied a tourniquet around his own bleeding arm and sustained to direct the operation, working to make sure the safety of his comrades until the end of the mission.