Saving You Money at the Pump and Protecting the Air We Breathe

To make stronger our economy, save drivers money at the gas pump and decrease harmful pollution in the air we breathe, President Obama has made cleaner, innovative and more fuel efficient vehicles a precedence for this administration. Today, we’re taking one more step to help put more fuel efficient cars on our streets and highways.

To match a new creation of vehicles rolling off the lines in American auto plants, we’re releasing a new generation of fuel wealth labels to help consumers decide which vehicle is right for them and their families. These new labels represent the most important redesign of fuel economy labels in 35 years – and one of the most powerful tools car buyers have ever had to find a vehicle that will meet their requirements and save them money.

The new fuel economy labels will still give the familiar, and important, information about city and highway mileage for new vehicles. But they will also cover new categories to help car buyers who are comparing a wide assortment of different vehicles on the market.