The White House Blog's Top 10 of 2010

As we start a new year, we bring you the White House blog's top ten most popular posts of 2010. They cover a range of topics – from what’s in the healthcare bill to supporting our military families. Check out the top ten posts below and tell us which one is your favorite on Facebook.

  1. On Independence Day, First Lady Michelle Obama shares a special message for all Americans about supporting military families.
  2. On the one year anniversary of the "Photo of the Day," Pete Souza, Chief Official White House Photographer and Director of the White House Photography Office, selects his ten favorites.
  3. Deputy Chief of Staff Mona Sutphen gives a run-down of some key policy points in the President's State of the Union Address.
  4. Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer discusses the House Republicans agenda.
  5. White House Director of Health Reform Nancy-Ann DeParle outlines the key benefits of health reform for individual Americans.
  6. "On Behalf of My Mother" (Includes Video)
    The President signs health reform into law and in the process created a future for the country in which Americans and small businesses are in control of their own health care, not the insurance industry.
  7. After a historic vote in the House to send health reform to the President, he speaks to all Americans on the change they will finally see as they are given back control over their own health care.
  8. View the President and Vice President's 2010 tax returns.
  9. As part of the It Gets Better Project, President Obama shares his message of hope and support for LGBT youth who are struggling with being bullied.
  10. The President leads something unusual in American politics – an open dialogue with members of the opposite party.