What You Missed: Tuesday Talk on Veterans Day with Tammy Duckworth

With Veterans Day approaching, Tammy Duckworth, Veterans Affairs Assistant Secretary for Public and Intergovernmental Affairs, answered your questions during Tuesday Talks this week. On WhiteHouse.gov and Facebook, you asked questions on a range of topics -- from streamlining the claims process to getting Vets jobs to student outreach.

Use the links below to jump directly to the questions that you're interested in or watch the full video of the chat.

Opening remarks

  • What can be done to simplify the process for claims?

  • What is the progress of the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Program?

  • How are we going to ensure equality in care in both rural and urban VA locations?

  • What is VA’s stance on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell?

  • Why are there homeless Veterans and what is being done about it?

  • What can citizens do to help or honor Veterans?

  • How will the VA handle the mental health needs of veterans returning from Iraq or Afghanistan?

  • Can you speak a little bit about the new VA blog?

  • Why aren’t there more programs for spouses of veterans?

  • Why are there backlogs in the claims department, particularly with appeals?

  • How many disabled Veterans are getting care? And why don’t we get to hear success stories?

  • What recommendations do you have for Veterans looking to speed up their claims process?

  • What is being done to get jobs for Veterans?

  • Which hospitals are Veterans eligible for?

  • Can you discuss new regulations for PTSD? How will this affect VA claims?

  • Can you talk about outreach to student Veterans?

  • What is being done to assist women Veterans with unreported MST?

  • For more information, read the Presidential Proclamation on Veterans Day, check out the new Department of Veterans Affairs blog VAntage Point or visit their Veterans Day page to learn the history of the holiday, volunteer opportunities and more.

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