Weekly Wrap Up: “Encouraging News… Not Good Enough”

A quick look at the week of October 1, 2010:

Quote: “Encouraging news… not good enough” - President Obama on October jobs report: http://wh.gov/3Hi

The Way Forward: Following the election, the President speaks openly in a press conference about his hope for working with the new Congress going forward on the economy and other issues: http://wh.gov/3A8

Your West Wing Week Video: “Don’t Watch the Plasma Arc” http://wh.gov/3sW

The President's Trip to Asia: Jeff Bader, Senior Director for Asian Affairs, and Ben Rhodes, Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications, talk about the President’s upcoming trip to India, Indonesia, South Korea and Japan in a live video chat: http://wh.gov/3AR and Dan Pfeiffer debunks myths about warships: http://wh.gov/3sw

National Weatherization Day: Find out what's happening nationwide to save money for America’s homeowners by investing in energy efficiency: http://wh.gov/3Gw

October in Photos: A glimpse through the eyes of Pete Souza, Chief Official White House photographer, with this month’s photo of the day gallery (more like the shot below): http://wh.gov/3GT

White HouseCalling the Giants: Behind-the-scenes video of the President calling the San Francisco Giants to congratulate them on their World Series win: http://wh.gov/3sf

TEACH: Reggie Love, Personal Aide to the President, talks about his favorite teacher in this video (HINT: It's not his football coach or his basketball coach): http://bit.ly/aKPiu2 Learn more at Teach.gov

Must See WHTV: New Media interns dig into 1,500 White House videos and emerge with their top 10 favorites. Watch them here: http://wh.gov/3HW

Cabinet Meeting: A download on the Cabinet meeting this week: http://wh.gov/3oK and a behind-the-scenes "Inside the White House" video: http://wh.gov/3CN