A Health Care Story from Nebraska

Emily Schlicting lives in Omaha, Nebraska and, like many other young adults across the country, she is already benefiting from new provisions of in the Affordable Care Act.

At a young age, Emily was diagnosed with a rare, chronic auto-immune disease. Her illness sometimes set her apart from her peers and she suddenly found herself facing the “adult problems” of how she would continue to get access to routine care and preventive treatment. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, Emily will be able to stay on her parent’s health care plan and has the freedom to make decisions about her life without worrying about whether or not she’ll have health insurance.

"I had very limited choices in terms of what I wanted to do with my life after graduation because of the health and insurance situation that I was put in by my disease. And now, that’s no longer a problem. I have flexibility and freedom with what I want to do with my life post-graduation."

View the map to hear Emily’s full story and see how people across the country are benefitting from the Affordable Care Act.