Getting Ready For Summit Day

I can’t believe that our Community College summit is right around the corner.

The team here at the White House, along with colleagues at the Department of Education, the Department of Labor and other individuals and groups are working hard to finalize plans for the day. I am so pleased that the lead to the Summit has inspired so many of you to reach out and share the important challenges and opportunities impacting community colleges in your regions. I have reviewed many of the hundreds of comments and ideas that were sent to us via email and through our website – and these important suggestions and comments have helped to shape and inform our Summit agenda and breakout sessions.

I was thrilled to hear from many of you who are planning to host satellite summits and events in your own schools and communities. To support these efforts, we have created a toolkit, available at which will help guide your discussions and give you direction on how to send your feedback to us. My staff and I will continue to incorporate your voice into our ongoing work.

I hope this summit shines a light on the millions of students, educators, employers, philanthropists, and other stakeholders who are working together to support community colleges and their students. Our work together will continue long after Tuesday.