What You Missed: Open for Questions Roundtable on Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Yesterday afternoon, just a couple hours after the President's speech, we held a first-of-its-kind event here at the White House -- maybe anywhere? -- in which we took questions from the public on every side of the immigration debate. We hosted Cecilia Muñoz, White House Director of Intertgovernmental Affairs and one of the President’s closest advisors on the issue, along with representatives from online media outlets examining several angles of the immigration issue will be there posing the questions on the minds of their readers.
Forbes, which focuses on business and economic issues; the Examiner.com network which has citizen reporters in every state including more than 50 border state communities; CNET which focuses on the tech community; and Univision.com, which has covered the immigration debate as closely as anybody for years -- all of them came with questions directly from their readers.Watch the full video below, or jump to any question you're interested in by clicking the links underneath:
Watch the full video above or jump directly to the following sections by clicking the links below (questions are paraphrased):