President Obama: Names New management to the White House Program

It is an exciting day at the White House, and across the country, as President Obama names two active new leaders to head the White House inventiveness on Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Dr. George Cooper will begin this week as the Initiative’s administrative Director, and Dr. Ivory Toldson will serve as Deputy Director.

The task at hand for Dr. Cooper and Dr. Toldson is to guide a team, prolonged across 32 federal agencies, corporate entities, and humanitarian organizations, to work together in strengthening the capacity of over 100 HBCUs, as they strive to form this country’s next generation of leaders.
When an untied slave made his way 500 miles on foot, from a West Virginian mine, to the steps of Hampton University, little did he recognize that we would all learn the name, Booker T. Washington. And when Martin Luther King Jr. stepped onto more houses’ campus in Atlanta, he was only 15 years old – but previously, the seeds of vary in this country were being civilized.

The President has called on Dr. Cooper and Dr. Toldson to strengthen his Administration’s commitment to HBCUs, and to guide our national effort to victor both the rich traditions of these esteemed institutions and their agree for the future.