President Barack Obama trip at Mexico and Costa Rica

Today, President Barack Obama will make his fourth visit to Mexico and continue on to Costa Rica on what is moreover his sixth visit to Latin America. On this journey, the President hopes to emphasize and support the deep cultural, familial, and fiscal ties that so many Americans share with Mexico and Central America, and to encourage financial growth across the region.

Ahead of these visits, President Obama assembles two important sessions at the White House to hear from U.S. businesses and U.S. Latino leaders. The reason of these meetings was to hear from business working straight in the region, and organizations with a meticulous interest in Latin America and its Diasporas in the United States, about ways to foster fiscal development and growth for our shared prospect as a hemisphere.
Last Friday, a cluster of business leaders, representing a cross-section of companies doing business in Mexico and Latin America, held a vigorous conversation with the President. The meeting was a chance for the President to hear concerning emerging trends in the Western Hemisphere and what the United States government can do to foster fiscal growth in the Americas to help companies make jobs for middle class families on both sides of the border.

Business legislature offered strong support for measures projected to facilitate global and hemispheric trade, such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership. They highlighted the growing consequence of the energy sector during the Americas and the need for infrastructure improvement to assist cross-border trade.