President Barack Obama Meets with Prime Minister Lee Hsien of Singapore

In a mutual meeting today with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore, President Obama reaffirmed America's promise to a protected and prosperous Asia-Pacific region, and thanked Prime Minster Lee for being “an exceptional partner for us on the worldwide stage.”

In addition to close military collaboration between the two countries that allows the United States to maintain an effectual occurrence the Pacific, Singapore is also a strong financial partner.
“Over the last decade, since we signed our free operate agreement, we have seen a repetition of trade between our countries, and that generate jobs here in the United States as healthy as in Singapore,” the President said.

President Obama called Singapore’s development and development over the last quite a few decades an example for many countries around the world. As leaders in the province, the country has present a “steady vision of how countries in the Pacific region can cooperate successfully for the affluence and security of all” while endorse the “rules of the road and international norms that the United States powerfully supports.”