President Barack Obama's Message to the People of Kenya

President Obama conveys a clear message to the people of Kenya: the upcoming elections are a significant opportunity for Kenyans to stand jointly, as a nation, for peace and progress, and for the rule of law. The President has strong secured to the people of Kenya. From visit his father’s village to touring the country as a U.S. Senator, he has a deep and individual notice in seeing Kenya flourish.

Kenyans have made remarkable development since the disturbing violence that pursues the elections five years ago. Lives and society have been rebuilt, the economy has recoils, and Kenyans have peacefully stood together to pass a historic constitution and advance significant political reforms.
While the international community has support these efforts, the Kenyan people have stood together to coagulate the rule of law and put Kenya on a path to greater prosperity.

As Kenyans prepare for the March elections, President Obama advice the people of Kenya to put aside tribal and racial differences; to clearly reject threats and violence; to address electoral argument through Kenya’s courts, rather than on the streets; and to come mutually as a nation on the 50th anniversary of Kenyan independence. It is a moment to put conflict and impunity resolutely in the past, and to embrace a bright and passive future.

The eyes of the world will be on Kenya this March, and the United States stands with the Kenyan people throughout this famous moment. As President Obama has stated, “to all that are enthusiastic to walk this path of progress, you will continue to have a strong friend and colleague in the United States of America.”