Barack Obama have plans to visit Israel in Spring

Netanyahu and Obama
President Barack Obama strategy to visit Israel this spring, his first journey to the Jewish state since taking office, a White House official said Tuesday. The White House said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Obama argue the visit during a phone discussion held six days after the elections for the 19th Knesset. Channel 10 said Obama will emerge in Israel on March 20.

Obama's last visited Israel as a senator and presidential applicant in July 2008. Israeli officials established that the US leader is suitable to visit in the spring. The White House did not give a precise date.
The White House official said, "The start of the president's second term and the shape of a new Israeli government offer the occasion to reaffirm the deep and continuing bonds between the United States and Israel and to argue the way forward on a broad range of issues of joint concern, counting Iran and Syria."

The report said CIA teams are previously in Israel to organize the security feature of the three-day visit. Obama is also predictable to visit Ramallah as a guest of the Palestinian Authority.

Earlier Tuesday, Israel's president praised Obama's approach to oppose Iran's believe nuclear program on Tuesday, while sending a oblique message to Israel's inward government not to act alone to stop it.