Barack Obama and Hillary coy about White House succession plans

President Barack Obama and sociable Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ‘coyly’ batted away questions over any White House succession plan through an equally enthusiastic interview on Sunday.

The rare double look on television gave ample opportunity for the ‘once bitter rivals’ to hide any remaining doubts that the aggression of the 2008 primary operation was long behind them, the Guardian reports. During an interview on CBS News 60 Minutes Obama submit to Clinton as a friend, who will go downward as ‘one of the finest secretaries of state’ America had recognized.
It sounded like an official stamp of endorsement for Clinton, who may or may not be observe a run at the White House in 2016. Obama even surge about the achievements of his top diplomat in the course of four years promotion his foreign policy overseas, adding that he was going to miss her.

According to the report, addressing anxiety over her health, Clinton told 60 Minutes that she immobile had some remaining effects from the concussion that led to her blood congeal, but that the doctors had told her that they would retreat.

As to wider question over foreign policy, and whether the US was responsible of a resignation of liability on the world stage, Obama responded that ‘Muammar Gaddafi possibly does not agree with that review, or at least if he was around, he wouldn’t concur with that assessment’.