Victor and Opponent: Obama has Romney to Lunch

President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, bitter crusade enemy just weeks ago, have a lunch date at the White House. 

They'll have an eye on overlapping wellbeing rather than the sharp dissimilarity that defined their presidential competition. 

Obama and Romney will meet in the White House's confidential dining room Thursday, satisfying a assure Obama made in his victory dialogue the night of Nov. 6.
It is their first gathering since the election. 

White House spokesman Jay Carney says Obama had no precise agenda for the gathering, but he says Obama would like to argue Romney's ideas for making government more competent. 

Obama has proposed integration some functions of government connected to business and has asked Congress for ability to undertake some executive branch restructuring. 

Obama repeat his call for a "balanced approach," saying he is equipped to make "some tough conclusion" on expenditure cuts, and look at long-term improvement to large government prerogative programs.