US Election Planned Raised $2 Billion

Obama, who exceed $US1 billion in mid-October, added $US111 million to his crusade and allied committees in the final two weeks of the movement, according to a movement official. Romney's final cash push in that same period netted him more than $US89.5 million sufficient to bump him past the billion-dollar mark as well. 

 The record-busting sums - a result of both applicants bypassing public economics to build their own flush money networks - do not comprise the hundreds of millions more exhausted by exterior groups.
The economics details dribble out on Thursday night, the target for Federal Election Commission information covering October 18 to November 26. 

 In all, the president elevate $US1.1 billion for his re-election attempt. The Republican contestant whole fundraising was $US1.01 billion. In the end, neither movement fully bushed their significant hauls. 

Romney had $US24.4 million still in the depository at the finish of November and Obama had at least $US8.8 million on hand. But the Romney movement noted the figure did not explanation for expenditure still in process and forecast the final cash excess would be less than $US1 million.