Barack Obama warns Syria Government against using Chemical Weapons

US President Barack Obama has warned Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad not to create the "tragic mistake" of with chemical arms, saying he will face "penalty" for unleash the arms against populace. 

"Today, I want to create it completely clear to Assad and those under his authority: The world is inspection. The use of chemical weaponry is and would be totally intolerable. 
 And if you make the disastrous mistake of using this weaponry, there where be cost, and you will be held answerable," the US president said in the strongest ever caution issued to Syrian regime, which is facing an accepted rebellion from his people. 

"We've worked to keep weaponry from dispersal, whether it was nuclear substance in Libya or, now, chemical weapons in Syria. On Syria, allow me now say this. We will persist to support the lawful ambition of the Syrian people -- attractive with the resistance, provide them with the compassionate aid, and functioning for a conversion to a Syria that's free of the Assad government," Obama said. 

Earlier in the day the White House uttered anxiety over potential use of chemical weaponry by the Assad command. "We closely monitor and we carry on to closely monitor Syria's propagation- responsive materials and facilities," the White.