Barack Obama likely to Reduce Holiday Trip

President Barack Obama is likely to cut short his customary Christmas holiday in Hawaii to return to Washington as politician believe how to prevent the wealth from going over the so-called “fiscal cliff,” the White House said Tuesday.

Obama might fly back to the nation’s assets as early as Wednesday, just five days after inward in Hawaii, White House officials said. In the past, the president’s end-of-the-year festival in his inhabitant state has prolonged into the New Year.
Congress is predictable to return to Washington on Thursday. The White House and Congress should reach a deal to avoid the “fiscal cliff,” the automatic finances cuts and tax supplement that are set to begin in January. So far, the president and congressional Republicans have been powerless to reach accord on any substitute.

Lawmakers have articulated little but distrust for the prospect of a concord coming before Jan. 1. On Sunday, Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas said she anticipate any action in the declining days of the year to be “a patch because in four days we can’t resolve everything.”

The Obama’s were spending the holiday at a rented home next to Honolulu. On Christmas Day, the president and first lady Michelle Obama stay with Marines to articulate thanks for their service. “One of my preferred things is always pending to base on Christmas Day just to meet you and say thank you,” the president said. He called being commandant in chief his maximum honor as president.