US Elections: Obama leads but Romney get the Chance to Lead

US President Barack Obama enters the final hours of the 2012 movement with an edge in the chase for the 270 electoral votes wanted to win and more ways to arrive at that magic number. Yet the race is extraordinarily close in at least six states that could go either way, giving Republican Mitt Romney trust that he can pull off a come-from-behind conquest.
If the voting were held now, an Associated Press analysis establish that Obama would be all but guaranteed of 249 votes, by carrying 20 states that are sturdily independent or leaning his way - Iowa, Nevada and Pennsylvania among them and the District of Columbia. Romney would lay assert to 206, from credible victories in 24 states that are strong Republican lawn or tilt toward the GOP, counting North Carolina. 

Up for grabs are 83 electoral votes increase across Colorado, Florida, Ohio, New Hampshire, Virginia and Wisconsin. Of those, Republicans and Democrats similar say Obama seems in a bit better figure than Romney in Ohio and Wisconsin, while Romney emerges to be performing a little better than Obama or has pulled smooth in Florida and Virginia.The AP's analysis is not meant to be prognostic, but instead to present a snapshot of a race that has been unusually close from the outset. The psychiatry is based on interviews with more than a dozen Republican and self-ruled strategists in Washington and in the most contested states; public polls; internal crusade surveys; early vote figures; expenditure on television advertising; candidate travel; and get-out-the-vote organizations.