US Election: Barack Obama Beats Romney

Barack Obama
America has determined and it is Barack Obama for a new four years in the White House. In line with outcrop, the current Democrat President Obama beat his Republican contestant Mitt Romney persuasively on electoral votes, while the two were neck-and-neck in popular votes. However, as per the US electoral system only electoral vote’s substance, giving Obama an additional term as the leader of world’s most influential nation. As per the latest projections, Obama is set to win 303 votes as alongside 203 by Romney. Significantly, both of them are at par 49 million each on accepted votes.Romney has approved defeat. He called up President Obama and cheers him for the victory.
He then addressed his group and said, “I believe in America, I consider in the people of America. This voting is over but our principles tolerate. I implore for him (Obama) and America.” As merriment broke out across the country, a triumphant Obama tweeted: "Four more years." "We're all in this collectively. That's how we movement, and that's who we are. Thank you," said a new tweet from Obama, the 51-year-old son of a Kenyan priest and a white American mother. 

The battle was close by all principles but Obama uphold a slender lead right from the commencement and built up on it by winning significant swing states Michigan and Pennsylvania. Obama also succeed Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Illinois, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Minnesota and Washington DC.