US Election: Barack Obama Backs to Bloomberg

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg backed President Barack Obama for re-election, saying the in office Democrat will bring management that is seriously needed to fight weather change after the East Coast devastation wrought by Super storm Sandy.

 The backing from the politically sovereign and popular third-term mayor was a main boost for Obama, who is expenditure the campaign final days trying to win over self-governing voters whose voices will be critical in influential who wins Tuesday's election.

Both Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney had enthusiastically required the nod from Bloomberg, who didn't approve a presidential candidate in 2008.
As New York sustained to pick up the pieces after the super storm overwhelmed parts of the city this week, Bloomberg said Sandy had made the wager of the election even clearer.

"We need management from the White House, and over the past four years, President Barack Obama has taken major steps to decrease our carbon expenditure," Bloomberg wrote in an online estimation piece, citing higher fuel-efficiency standards for vehicles and stricter controls on mercury production. 

A billionaire entrepreneur and former Republican, Bloomberg praised Romney as a good man who would bring precious commerce experience to the White House. But he said Romney had upturned course on a number of significant issues, including migration, health care and abortion. 

"If the 1994 or 2003 description of Mitt Romney were organization for president, I may well have designated for him because, similar to so many other independents, I have establish the past four years to be, in a word, unsatisfactory," Bloomberg wrote.