Obama, Romney meet after lunch at White house

US President Barack Obama will host Mitt Romney for a confidential lunch at the White House on Thursday, their first gathering since the elected present defeated his Republican challenger in a bitterly fought voting. 

The encounter follows Obama’s post-election assure to engage with the previous Massachusetts governor and believe his ideas. It also comes amid Obama’s labors to work out with congressional privileged a way to avoid a threatening “fiscal cliff” that could push the US economy reverse into depression. 
“Governor Romney will have a confidential lunch at the White House with President Obama in the personal dining room,” the White House publicize on Wednesday, little more than three weeks after the 6 November selection. 

The talks will be a possibility for Obama to look bipartisan at a time when he requirements Republican collaboration in Congress, and for Romney to start upgrading his following stature after leading his party to a unsatisfactory election outcome. 

The meeting will be squeeze in between a series of events this week in which Obama is creation his case to Americans to raise taxes on rich Americans while expand tax cuts for the middle class an advance that his former Republican rival powerfully different during the movement.