Obama Planned to keep 10,000 troops in Afgan

Citing unidentified senior US officials, The Wall Street magazine said the plan was in line with suggestion obtainable by General John Allen, commander of US and international forces in Afghanistan, who has planned a force between 6,000 and 15,000 US troops. 

These forces will behavior training and counterterrorism process after the NATO mission in Afghanistan properly terminates at the end of 2014, the report said. About 67,000 US troops are at present organize in Afghanistan flanking 37,000 alliance troops and 337,000 local soldiers and police that make up the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF). 
The United States and Afghanistan launched decisive talks on November 15 on the position of US forces remain in Afghanistan after the NATO extraction of combat troops in 2014. The US has harassed that it is not seeking everlasting bases in Afghanistan. It is also careful likely to shy away from a refuge guarantee, which would entail it to come to the nation's support against aggressors. 

That, nevertheless, is seen as one of the targets of Afghan representative. Afghan President Hamid Karzai is said to be enthusiastic to accept a US troop attendance post-2014 as long as his key stress are met. According to the periodical, his main demand is that American forces come under the authority of Afghan courts. 

However, the paper said, some protection analysts outside of the US government consider that the training and counterterrorism project would necessitate a much larger US presence possibly as many as 30,000 troops.