Mitt Romney Blame Defeats on Obama's Handsout

Mitt Romney has broken his post-election quiet, blaming his defeat on Barack Obama's strategy of bestowing "gifts" on Hispanics, black people and the young. The former presidential candidate call from further than the following grave was instantly condemned by fellow Republicans, who will need hold up from those same voters to have any chance of ultimately reclaiming the White House. 

Romney's gaffe was made in an all-too-familiar location, as he addressed wealthy donors on a meeting call, in fact unaware that journalists were also listening. "The Obama movement was subsequent the old playbook of charitable a lot of stuff to groups that they hoped they could get to vote for them," Romney said, specially listing "the African American community, the Hispanic community and young people". 
He protests that for young people the "forgiveness of college-loan interest was a big gift", while Hispanics had been wooed with the swear that children of illegal migrant would not banish, and black voters were won over by "free health care". 

The 65 year-old added that "free contraceptives were very big with young, college-aged women" as he clarify why he lost the struggle for female voters by 11 points. Romney's comments in front of a small spectators of millionaires echoed his secretly-filmed claim, at a fund-raising event, that "47%" of the country would routinely back the President as they were dependent on administration benefit. 

Republicans rapidly turned on their former applicant after his latest remarks, with Bobby Jindal, the Governor of Louisiana, refuse the commentary as "absolutely wrong". "We have got to stop separating American electorate. We need to go after 100 per cent of the votes, not 53 per cent," said Jindal, a one-time applicant to be Romney's running friend.