How the President White House have won the hashtag wars

The administration's newest effort to quotation pressure on congressional Republicans for a deal to evade the "fiscal cliff" comes in the form of a hashtag. Obama urged group to use the tag to let their legislature know what the individual cost would be of the $2,000 tax hike pending if a negotiation isn't attain and the Bush tax cuts terminate. 

The White House people and infrastructure staff throws hashtags out with the effortlessness and incidence of the millennial making they are classically a part of, cheering website visitors to contribute in chat or opine about congressional cooperation. 
Last April, he asked those with scholar loans to consider in with don’t twice my rate, and the preceding winter saw him equally influence 40 dollars – the quantity, according White House computation, an average American worker would give up each two weeks if the payroll tax holidays conclude. 

It could be that Obama doesn't support hashtags more often chiefly because it still sounds weird to hear "tweet at" come from the jaws of the commandant moreover since of the fundamental danger that Dad will screw up his next challenge to talk like the youthful people do, or the even more anxious prospect that Dad has total mastery of this innovative technology, this space we thought was reticent for us kids to play approximately in but has now been appoint by The Olds.