At End of Campaign Obama Returns to Iowa

The end, for leader Barack Obama, came in Iowa. Ohio may prove to be the most significant state in the 2012 election. But on Monday, the president closed his final movement with a rally in the Hawkeye State, recurring one last time as an aspirant to the place that launched his unlikely run to the White House. The conclusion to bid farewell to the movement trail with a nighttime exterior in Des Moines's historic East Village was as representative as it was strategic.
Obama is predictable to have spent more than $1 billion on his movement for reelection. He detained 101 rallies. His final day integrated events in Madison, Wis., and Columbus, Ohio. But the president has a special affection for Iowa, where he upset Hillary Rodham Clinton in the autonomous caucuses in January 2008.First lady Michelle Obama and rock icon Bruce Springsteen joined him Monday as he made his last application to voters exterior the one-story brick building on Locust Street that housed his first field office for the 2008 movement. It is at the present a church. 

 "Iowa, I started my presidential trip right here in this state," Obama said in Dubuque over the weekend, when he made his 17th visit to the state through his presidency and his 11th this year. "So after two years of demonstration, and after four years as president, you know me by now." As Election Day drew near, Obama and his team of longtime consultant grew ever more wistful. Spokeswoman Jen Psaki appeared at a rally in Cincinnati sporting a gray black Obama '08 baseball cap. Campaign adviser David Axelrod and White House consultant David Plouffe, also itinerant with Obama, were wearing corresponding black Obama '08 fleece pullovers Monday. 

And White House speechwriters Jon Favreau and Ben Rhodes, who confused with him four years ago, let their facial hair grow, promise to shave only after the leader had won his final movement.