US Election: Obama had Plan to Spend the Election Night in Chicago

US President Barack Obama plans to usher in what he expect will be a next four-year term in the White House at an election-night rally at a huge meeting centre near downtown Chicago, a crusade official said on Wednesday. 

 The event will likely draw thousands of followers to the McCormick Place meeting center in Chicago, Obama's hometown and the site of his re-election crusade headquarters. Supporters are predictable to watch the voting results come in and
then hear a speech by the serving Democrat who faces Republican Mitt Romney, a previous Massachusetts administrator and private equity managerial, in the Nov 6 general election. 

More than 200,000 revelers busy Chicago's Grant Park after Obama hit John McCain in 2008 to become the first black US president. 

McCormick Place is a focus for close to 3 million visitors each year and has congregation seating for 18,000 people, according to its website. 

The crusade official declined to argue why the occasion would not be held in Grant Park.