The Latest Poll:Mitt Romney Gains Four-point Over than Obama

Likely electorate favored Romney in the presidential race by 49 percent to Obama's 45 percent, while Romney came up still at 46 percent with Obama among register electorate, the Pew investigate Centre said. Romney had trailed Obama by nine points among likely voters in September.
Other polls establish that Romney got a knock from last week's argue, the first of three presidential debate, but most showed Obama retaining the guide. 

A Reuters/Ipsos poll on Sunday, for example, originate 47 percent of likely electorate adage they would vote for Obama and 45 percent for Romney if the Nov 6 determination were held now. The Pew investigate Centre for the People & the Press survey of 1,511 adults, counting 1,201 registered electorate, conducted Oct. 4-7 found that voters by approximately three to one thought Romney did a enhanced job than Obama in the Oct. 3 dispute. 

Romney and Obama
"Romney is seen as the applicant who has new thoughts and is viewed as improved able than Obama to improve the jobs circumstances and decrease the budget arrears," a Pew Research Centre declaration said. Romney's favorable evaluation raised five profit points in September to hit 50 per cent amongst registered electorate for the first time in Pew investigate Centre surveys, it said. 

Romney also achieved gains over the past month amongst women, white non-Hispanics and those younger than 50, the Pew investigate Centre said. It noted that likely women electorate are now evenly separated at 47 percent each for Obama and Romney, when last month, Obama led Romney by 18 points amongst women likely to vote. This week, the focus of the crusade shifts to the dispute on Thursday between Vice President Joe Biden and the Republican entrant to replace him, Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan.