President Obama Welcomes NASCAR Champ Tony Stewart to the White House

President Obama today congratulated Tony Stewart on winning his third Sprint Cup Championship as he welcomed the NASCAR champ and his fellow drivers to the White House at a happening on the South Lawn.
The President reminded Stewart of his calculation that he would not in fact appear as the winner this year. "In fact, he said that if he did end up winning the championship -- this is a quote -- "I’ll announce I’m a total bumbling idiot." Here’s your chance, Tony."
The President highlighted all the work NASCAR has done to support our troops, and thanked them for their partnership with Joining Forces. "You look out for Gold Star families. You make usual visits to Walter Reed to raise spirits there. And for you guys to give that much back to folks who have given so much to us as a country and help protect us and keep us safe is extraordinary. So I want to thank all of you for what you do on behalf of our troops."