Go in the rear Scenes as Google "Captures" the White House

As part of President and Mrs. Obama's commitment to opening the doors of the White House to all Americans, we invited a team of engineers from Google to bring their Street View tackle inside.
They were here to "capture" a 360 degree picture of the public rooms of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for the Art Project, an online program that offers practical tours of some of the most acclaimed museums around the world.

In addition to the robot-like cameras that were deployed to photograph the rooms that are incorporated on the public tour of the White House, the Art Project also features a "gigapixel" look at one of the most famous paintings in the White House, which enables you to view the Gilbert Stuart portrait of George Washington in super close up (and makes it easy to spot the spelling errors incorporated in the masterpiece.) Take a look at the video, and then check out the White House's collection at the Art Project