Will House Republicans Allow Taxes To Go Up On 160 Million Americans?

The President believes this is a build or break moment for the middle class, and that's why he is resolute to protect the payroll tax cut for millions of American families.Yesterday, after some tough negotiations and months of Republican opposition, the Senate came to a bipartisan compromise that extends the payroll tax cut and job loss insurance benefits. This bill received 89 votes, including 39 Republican votes. We’re satisfied that Republicans were finally showing a willingness to not raise taxes on middle class families.
The near 90 percent support by the Senate demonstrates the view by the overwhelming number of Senate Republicans – as well as Democrats – that the best way to achieve the President’s goal of ensuring that taxes were not augmented on 160 million working Americans and protecting unemployment insurance benefits for 2.5 million people was to support this bipartisan compromise.Speaker Boehner himself yesterday called it a “good deal” and a “victory.” After it passed, Senator Hatch said, “This is almost certainly a done deal in the House; it should be.” Well, we couldn’t agree more.

Yesterday Senator McConnell said, “in order to attain something around here, you've got to compromise… What we've done here is crafted a bill not intended to fail but designed to pass.”On CNN Sen. Blunt said, “I think the House has to deal with it and look at the fact that it was paid for, it extends not just the payroll tax but also the joblessness insurance.”

It’s time for House Republicans to take note to the American people, and their colleagues in the Senate. It’s time for them to stop playing politics and get the job done. If they decline to pass this bipartisan bill to extend the payroll tax cut, there will be a significant tax increase on 160 million hardworking Americans in 13 days that would injure the economy and job growth. That’s unacceptable. They need to get to work and stop the job.