Renewing Ties in the Pacific

When President Obama touches down in Australia tomorrow, he'll turn up with two major goals: strengthening our relationships and promoting security in the Pacific.

That starts in Canberra, the Australian capital.

On Wednesday, the President will get together with Prime Minister Julia Gillard, and the two will hold a joint press conference. Later that day, President Obama will be hosted at a dinner at the Australian Parliament House.
On Thursday, the President will give an address to the Australian Parliament, meet with parliamentary leaders, tour a primary school with Prime Minister Gillard, and visit a military base in Darwin -- where he'll speak to a joint audience of U.S. marines and Australian troops.

For 60 years, the U.S. and Australia have been connected by a defense treaty, but our military partnership extends back much further. American and Australian troops have fought side by side from First World War to the current engagement in Afghanistan.

From Australia, the President will fly to Indonesia for the East Asia Summit , where he will grasp bilateral meetings with a number of allies -- including the leaders of India, Thailand, and the Philippines. Much of the discussion at the summit will center on improving economic integration and addressing security challenges in the region.