NATO attack was obvious aggression-Pakistan army

A senior Pakistani army official has alleged a NATO cross-border air attack that killed 24 soldiers was a deliberate, blatant act of aggression, hardening Pakistan's stance on an incident that might hurt efforts to stabilize Afghanistan.
Islamabad decided on Tuesday not to attend a major conference on the post-2014 future of Afghanistan in Germany next week, an angry reply to the attack that threatens to set back peace efforts in Pakistan's anxious neighbor.
Continuing Pakistan's angry tone, Major General Ishfaq Nadeem, director general of military operations, said NATO forces were alerted they were attacking Pakistani posts, but helicopters kept firing. His comments, from a briefing to editors, were approved in local newspapers on Wednesday that characterized the attack as blatant aggression."Detailed information of the posts was already with ISAF (International Security Assistance Force), including map references, and it was unfeasible that they did not know these to be our posts," The News quoted Nadeem as saying at the briefing held at army headquarters on Tuesday.