A new era of promise”: President Obama on the statement of Liberation in Libya

Following today’s historic announcement of liberation in Libya, President Obama released this statement:On behalf of the American people, I congratulate the people of Libya on today’s historic announcement of liberation.
After four decades of brutal dictatorship and eight months of deadly conflict, the Libyan people can now celebrate their freedom and the commencement of a new era of promise.Now that the fighting in Libya has reached an end, the Transitional National Council (TNC) must turn its attention to the political changeover ahead. We look frontward to working with the TNC and an empowered transitional government as they position for the country’s first free and fair elections. The Libyan authorities should also carry on living up to their commitments to respect human rights, begin a national reconciliation process, secure weapons and dangerous materials, and bring together armed groups under a mutual civilian leadership. As they take these steps, the United States will continue our close cooperation with our international partners and the UN Support Mission in Libya to help advance a stable, democratic transition.