President Obama on Back-to-School: "Set Your Sights High"

This afternoon, students from across the country tuned in as President Obama addressed them straight in his third annual Back-to-School speech. The President confident America's students to use their time in school to try new things, discover new passions and hone their skills to get ready themselves for the kind of profession they want in the future: It starts, clearly, with being the best student that you can be. Now, that doesn’t always mean that you have to have a ideal score on every assignment.
It doesn’t mean that you’ve got to get straight as all the time -- although that’s not a bad goal to have. It means that you have to stay at it. You have to be strong-minded and you have to persevere. It means you’ve got to work as hard as you know how to work. And it means that you’ve got to take some risks once in a while. You can’t stay away from the class that you think might be hard because you’re worried about receiving the best grade if that’s a subject that you think you need to arrange you for your future...

And that’s why when you’re still a student you can discover a wide range of possibilities. One hour you can be an artist; the next, an author; the next, a scientist, or a historian, or a carpenter. This is the time where you can try out new interests and test new ideas. And the more you do, the sooner you’ll figure out what makes you come alive, what stirs you, what makes you keyed up the career that you want to follow.