President Obama at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Annual Dinner: "March with me and press on"

Yesterday evening, the President delivered remarks at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Annual Phoenix Awards at the Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. In his speech, the President worried the importance of passing the American Jobs Act, to put more people back to work, and more money back in the pockets of people who are working: Right now we’ve got millions of construction workers out of a job.
So this bill says, let’s put those men and women back to work in their own communities rebuilding our roads and our bridges. Let’s give these persons a job rebuilding our schools. Let’s put these folks to work rehabilitating foreclosed homes in the hardest-hit neighborhoods of Detroit and Atlanta and Washington. This is a no-brainer.
Why must we let China build the newest airports, the fastest railroads? Tell me why our children should be allowable to study in a school that’s falling apart? I don’t want that for my kids or your kids. I don’t want that for any kid. You tell me how it makes sense when we know that education is the most important thing for victory in the 21st century. Let’s put our people back to work doing the work America wants done. Let’s pass this jobs bill.

We’ve got millions of jobless Americans and young people looking for work but running out of options. So this jobs bill says, let’s give them a pathway, a new pathway back to work. Let’s expand unemployment insurance so that more than six million Americans don’t lose that lifeline. But let’s also encourage reforms that help the long-term unemployed keep their skills sharp and get a foot in the door. Let’s give summer jobs for low-income youth that don’t just give them their first paycheck but arm them with the skills they require for life.